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Over and Over.  This Place is Wrong. This Village is wrong.

Vicious Circle is a Horror TTRPG where Players are trapped in a looping Village.

Each week it falls prey to all manner of terrifying entities, states of madness, phenomenon and creatures. Monday, all is well. By Sunday all is hell.

You Play as a new arrival to the town who soon discoveries in order to break free of this never ending cycle you must survive past midnight on Sunday. If you do you are free! 


This booklet gives the foundations for GM's inexperienced or not to create a fun, simple yet diverse Horror Experience. Easy to read and open enough to allow original content to be made for GM's and Players alike! 


Players must use their wits to survive as well as ITEMS and COMPANIONS that give new perks and improvements. Players that DIED(lose) can pass on an item to the next Character they create. Characters who successfully survive a week (game session) gain a TRAIT which carries on through future games.

Horror Generator 

Using a dice based generator Table, each session will contain a myriad of putrid forces to face. 96 possible outcomes are available, separated by types. Will your Players face haunting dreams that eat away at their minds or a strange individual offering free surgery on one condition ? 


Are you ready to enter this little Village. Again....and again....and again....


Buy Now$5.00 AUD or more

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sounds cool , kind of a longshot as no community copies and seems to be kinda non populair mmmmm , but your game does intrigue me